Making good things.


We love the word good. It’s rich in meaning and application.

Things can be good in themselves, designed well, looking beautiful, functioning sweetly. Things can also do good, create impact, drive performance, produce results, even inspire positive change in the world. 

Whatever we’re making, we aim for both, producing well-crafted “things” that are needed and make a difference. 

Our team.

Thinkers, breakers, shooters, makers

Octavian Rotari

Technical Product Lead

Give us a working from home tip.

What helps me focus is having a mind dump list where I put all thoughts or ideas to think about properly later while I’m having a focus session usually in 30mins blocks, so that I don’t go down any rabbit holes.

Who do you sit near at the office and why do you like it?

At the office I used to sit near Dougie he gives out a vibe of being super intelligent and very composed, I think the second part is because he always wears shirts, I liked it because if I had a challenging technical problem he would always be there to help me try to understand it better.

Stuart Glegg


If I didn’t do this for a job I think I’d be a .........
.........Footballer, no wait an inventor, no wait a musician, no wait First Minister, no wait…

Who do you sit near at the office and why do you like it?

Jt and Saskia and I were a little crew. Was fun, love working alongside Saskia cause she’s a mega talented designer and she has a way of converting ideas into beautiful things which I really enjoy working with and JT is about as easy as they come to get a long with and we’ve been pals since way back when.

Saskia Rook

Graphic Designer

Give us a working from home tip.
DIY renovating your house + home office working = bad idea. Is there any escape from tools and dust and paint? There is not. We have learnt the hard way.

What’s been one of your fave projects to work on?
Projects with a print output are always a treat and working with Stu on the Argyle Place café branding, wayfinding, menus and coffee cups etc was super fun. It turned out so well. We’re just hanging out to enjoy the space from the inside now too!

Ruth Curry

People and Culture

Working from home tips:
Get outside - I love a walk or a run and it gets me away from the laptop
Good playlist and good headphones - I’m so easily distracted!
Know when to stop - WFH can blur the lines between home life and work life so it's important to keep a good balance.

When life gets back to normal I am looking forward to:
Karaoke! I can’t sing a note but what I lack in talent I more than make up for in enthusiasm.

Gav Bryce

Film Lead

What motivates you at work?
It’s brilliant to get to work with so many different clients across sectors. I’ve learned about frontline medicine, the gin process, Scottish art, taxidermy… Every week there’s something new to learn and new people to meet. There’s also an enterprising and creative buzz across the company. It’s exciting to be part of it.

What is your role at Daysix?
I lead the film team, a fun combination of producing, writing and directing content.
The role involves working closely with clients, pitching for work, drinking lots of coffee, table tennis, re-arranging people’s living rooms to get the perfect interview shot, early starts to shoot sunrise, waiting for the rain to stop… Every week is different and the variety makes it a very stimulating job to do.

James Cant

Web Developer

What’s your favourite meal of the day?
Breakfast wins hands down. So many options and basically anything goes. Cereal just makes the world a better place to exist.

What's your working-from-home tip?
Always get out first thing, be it a run, walk or pretentious overpriced coffee. Commutes are underrated.

Jen Proctor

Software Developer

What’s your favourite meal of the day and why?

I love dinner because it’s the best time to test out my cooking skills and try something exciting, or simply fall back on old favourites like macaroni cheese.

What’s been one of your favourite projects to work on?

I love working on the Trauma app because it’s a big project that clinicians are excited to start using. My favourite feature of the app is a little body picture that users can “paint” on with their finger to show different injury areas.

Dougie MacGregor

Senior Developer

Who do you sit near at the office and why do you like it?
Pre pandemic it was Octav and Ben. It was so good just to throw tricky problems out there and get a discussion going. Really looking forward to having that spontaneous problem solving back again.

Lockdown listening - whats on your playlist?
Three B’s. Bieber, Bublé and Beyoncé.

Ben Beaumont

Software Lead

Whats been one of your fave projects to work on?
Trauma - To solve that problem we’ve had to really get into the minds of Ed consultants and it’s opened us up to a fascinating world where every decision matters. Very different to coding so nice to see real life and software mix. Plus it’s just a super cool tool.

Working at Daysix is like...

- Playing strategy games with a bunch of good people.

James Tulloch

Project Manager

Who do you sit near at the office and why do you like it?

I sit beside Saskia and Stu near the entrance of the office. I like where we sit as it’s a bright space and we see lots of people coming and going. Stu’s playlists are good and we’ve been known to unintentionally serenade Saskia with our tuneless humming to John Mayer tunes.

Give us a working from home tip.

Find out what times of day you’re most productive and recognise the times you’re not. I tend to get lots done between 9am-3pm but between 3pm-7pm I’m on dad duty so try and avoid scheduling meetings then and am pretty much offline. I then do a bit of time in the evenings.

Dan Colyer

Software Developer

Give us a working from home tip.

Coffee, and lot’s of it. Also, regular breaks/fresh air.

What does a good day at work look like?

Starting a new project, getting a plan made with the team and client, and working out conundrums with the rest of the team. Very satisfying!

Lewis Roseweir

Film Production

What’s been one of your favourite projects to work on?
I had loads of fun filming our Make it happen project this year. Our cast of kids were fantastic and who doesn’t love getting out the leaf blower for those superhero shots?

Who do you sit near at the office and why do you like it?
I don’t like to sit down much but when I do I’m surrounded by the rest of the film team and I like when someone suggests a good spot for lunch



What does a good day at work look like?
It looks like checking off everything on my to-do list and bouncing great creative ideas around with coffee and cake.

Give us a working-from-home tip
Make sure the doors are properly closed so you don’t have interruptions form dogs, babies or grandparents (my baby's grandparents, not mine as that would be slightly terrifying considering they were born in the early 1900s!)

What's your favourite meal of the day?
My favourite meal of the day is dinner on a Sunday because I make a mean roast.

If you weren't a producer what do you think you would be?
If I didn’t do this job I would own a cafe and just bake and cook all day.

Fidelma Beagan

Software Developer

Working at daysix is like...

...hard to explain - one moment I’m having a serious conversation about how accessible a player’s allergies need to be for a doctor using the ScribePro team app and the next moment I’m covered in flour doing an online bake off...

What does a good day at work look like?

It starts with coffee for sure, then a good bit of collaborating with designers, doctors and other devs to try to solve a problem for users - I love working with people with completely different approaches to things. Then once we’ve got a plan - putting my headphones on and spending the rest of the day building the solution.

Nick Ward


When life gets back to normal I am looking forward to...
I’m half a man with the cinemas closed. So when the sun is out and we can all be released, I’m looking forward to sitting in a dark room watching movies.

What does a good day at work look like?
A good day is when I’m blitzing through some edits, chilling with my work peeps and chatting with my coffee guy around the corner.



What does a good day at work look like?
A to work walk through the meadows where I can sniff some stuff and chase a squirrel followed by a nap before I really get started. Then a big day of trying to get people to play with me and barking. My favourite game is staring at Jimmy to make him uncomfortable.

If I didn’t do this for a job I think I’d be a…

Proud of who we work with.