Remind me? 

Make It Happen was a new initiative launched in 2019. Our idea was to lend some of our creative time and skills to a business, charity, social enterprise who are trying to make a positive impact. 

But why? 

We know there are loads of inspiring stories and unrealised ideas out there. An injection of creative talent and professional knowledge helps these ideas come to life and meet their potential, so we wanted to offer a helping hand. 


We asked people to fill in a short application form telling us about their organisation and how we could help. The response was brilliant, and choosing a winner was tougher than we expected! We were massively inspired to read about all the amazing ambitions people out there have for helping others, shining a light on a cause, disrupting big business, creating something positive. We narrowed it down to our three faves and took it to the whole team for a vote. 

What’s in it for you?

It’s not just about the feels. We do love making good things but we also wanted to challenge ourselves and our team to think outside the creative box and work with some different clients and organisations. 

Who won? 

The Edinburgh School Uniform Bank (ESUB) was our first ever winner! 

They are an awesome organisation who supply uniforms to children in need. They rely on volunteers, donations and fundraising and so needed a logo refresh and a snappy film to get the word out about the incredible lifeline they provide for the kids in our city.

So… what happened next?

Covid disrupted our plans, as with so many others, but we got there in the end! We had some creative sessions with the ESUB team to find out more about them and how we could help and then we set to work. Design team came up with an awesome logo  – it was important to keep elements of the original but update it and make it fresh. Film team made a brilliant film for use on social media, at events, everywhere! We chose a positive style to emphasise what ESUB can achieve and what an impact they can have on kids. The whole team has had some input, we even cast some daysix minis in the film who nailed it!

Will you do it again? 

Yeah!! We plan to launch Make It Happen again and soon! Watch this space and spread the word – we can’t wait to hear about some more inspiring people and lend them a hand. 

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