Live your potential

Project Lift is an NHS initiative for identifying and cultivating the leadership potential in their staff. This was a vision we fully support and are really excited to get behind. Since its inception we’ve been their digital partner and have expanded our role and the offering as it’s continued to grow and their remit continues to widen.

What began as a little sketch at a coffee shop round the corner from Daysix HQ has transformed into a complete comms and digital offering encompassed branding, film, web, events design, print design and a bespoke software build. A little bit like the butterfly it all started with.


  • Brand development
  • Website
  • Software
  • Film
  • Wayfinding/signage
  • Print design

Challenging Perceptions in the NHS

The brand focusses on the power of individual and the potential they have to transform care. It asks people to participate in the process and join a movement rather than access a service. Challenging the status quo in the NHS, Project Lift aims to expand thinking and open conversations about what a leader looks like and how do we show leadership.

The mark was derived from the NHS Scotland mark rooted in the original form but allowing it to open its wings and transform into something more diverse, inclusive and engaging.