Bringing barrels back to the Borders

The Borders Distillery is the first distillery in the Scottish Borders since 1837. We love innovation (and the odd dram) so were excited when they asked us to work with them to build a suite of websites for their different whisky and gin brands as well as a main site for the distillery.

With a playful approach to design and experience, we really enjoyed working with the team at the Borders Distillery to build an engaging and tactile web experience to line up with their aspirations and target market.

After delivering the site we were also ask to developed an app for their private cask ownership. With apps on the App Store and Google Play, if you buy a cask, you can track it and see how the tasting notes change over time. So what you waiting for?

Want to know more? Why not take a trip and go on a tour of the distillery?


  • Website
  • Software

An unique experience for the 1,837

After initially being engaged to build the website we also worked alongside the Borders Distillery to build an identity and app for their cask ownership programme. Being the first distillery in the borders since 1837, the team at the distillery made 1,837 casks available for purchase and wanted to make it a great experience for their customers.

We developed an iOS and Android app that allows the Borders Distillery to update tasting notes for each cask and allows cask owners to track the progress of their cask over time.